Taylor Swift Through the Years

Sometimes it's hard to believe Taylor Swift is only in her mid 20s! Considering her insane achievements, superstar status, critical acclaim and penchant for cat-patterned attire, it seems like she's 24 going on 400 (in a good way).

Taylor's 25th birthday -- a milestone for anyone -- is today (Dec. 13) and we figured it was the perfect time to reminisce about Taylor's career. From the cowboy boots and curly hair to stilettos and a short, sleek bob, there's no doubt Taylor's come an incredibly long way. We took a look at Taylor over the years -- from her humble beginning as a country artist, writing about love and loss, to her very public, famous heartbreaks -- and to her current status as a total pop star who has somehow managed to maintain not only her artistic integrity, but the ability to write songs that continue to be relatable and vulnerable and real.

Check out the photo gallery above and celebrate Taylor's birthday with us!