It was a tight race in the semi-final round, but both Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato emerged victorious, with Taylor just managing to squeeze past her bestie Selena Gomez with 50.6% of votes and with Demi beating out Lucy Hale with just over 52% of votes. Now, both Taylor and Demi are battling it out for the crown in the final round. Which leading lady of pop should be crowned Prom Queen of 2014?

Taylor Swift is one tough contender for the title of Prom Queen. With her love of sparkly dresses, elegant poise, and endless generosity, T. Swift is the total package -- almost like a real-life princess! But besides all of the elegance that makes her so fitting for the title, it is the fact that she is so down-to-earth and her music is so relatable that really makes her worthy of Prom Queen. Whether it's through songs like 'Fifteen' or the way she talks about a magical evening like in 'Enchanted,' Taylor just gets what it's like to be in high school, and packages it in such a way that everyone can relate.

Demi Lovato is PopCrush's reigning champ, winning the title of Prom Queen last year. But can she claim the crown for the second year in a row? With her devoted Lovatics behind her, it's certainly possible! But it's not just the fans who give their all to Demi -- she gives everything right back to them, crediting her Lovatics with helping in her recovery and sending them messages of inspiration, hope, and love. What more could you ask for in a Prom Queen? And we all know the 'Neon Lights' singer would look killer at prom -- can you imagine what kind of amazing dress and hairstyle (and color!) she would come up with? Whatever it is, we know she'd look unbelievable!

Which pop star should win the title? You can vote for Demi Lovato or Taylor Swift once every hour until the poll closes at 12 PM ET on Tuesday, June 10. The winner of this round will be crowned PopCrush Prom Queen of 2014!