Taylor Swift posted some photos on her Instagram account today from her July 4th weekend in Watch Hill, Rhode Island where she and some friends did some major relaxing at her beach home.

In one photo titled 'Family Portrait,' she is seen with celebrity friends Ingrid Michaelson, Jaime King, Jessica Szohr, Lena Dunham and Emma Stone, along with some other gal pals.

We can't help but feel jealous that we weren't invited to Taylor's fun-filled July 4th weekend but thankfully, we can imagine what it was like thanks to her Instagram photos.

Presumably for Taylor, it will be back to work soon, as she is readying a fifth studio album targeted for a release by the end of the year.

Swifties, check them out below!

Despite the rain, Taylor and friends build a giant slip 'n' slide!

Quick! Everyone in the ocean! Now!

As American as apple pie...

Taylor looking out into the sunset

That's quite a family portrait!

Andrew Garfield joins girlfriend Emma Stone on a boat