The once-friendly rivalry between the Wanted and One Direction has gotten heated in recent weeks, with personal insults on Twitter and threats of violence. The groups will be in the same building on Friday, performing as part of the Z100 Jingle Ball concert in New York City, but the Wanted's Max George says the dueling boy bands won't go near each other.

"It started off as plain fun I think, and then I think one of them started getting a bit arsey and started getting a bit serious," George told MTV. "Which we tried to play off still as a joke but then it carried on. So we just put it out there, 'If you got an actual problem come see us in New York.' But I'm not sure they will. I think people have been in contact saying if we go near them we can have our visas taken off of us and all this s---."

Nathan Sykes added, "And get arrested, apparently." Does that mean 1D's team contacted the Wanted and warned them to stay away or they would face legal legal action?

That's a whole lot of drama for two groups who just want to sing and show their fans a good time. The previous round of insults came in November, when 1D's Zayn Malik called George a geek, leading George and bandmate Tom Parker to fire back with aggressive words of their own.

The Z100 Jingle Ball takes place on Friday, Dec. 7 at Madison Square Garden and features Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Fun., and Ed Sheeran in addition to the superstar boy bands. It would be amazing to see the Wanted and One Direction surprise everyone by taking the stage together to end their feud, like Jay-Z and Nas once did, but it doesn't sound like that will be happening.

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