The Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 Story premieres this Saturday October 3, and it's set to be one of the best — if not THE best — Lifetime TV movies of all time. Former 90210 cast member Tori Spelling has made some cherished films for the network in the past, including 1996's Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? and the still-more-entertaining Death of a Cheerleader in 1994 with Kellie Martin. She's also starred in their docu-series, True Tori, so naturally she's on board for a bit of promo. Promo that involves revealing an on-set affair or two.

In a preview for a special that will run after the biopic's premiere, Tori Spelling: Celebrity Lie Detector (Really? What's next, Gary Busey: Celebrity Pee Test?), the host asks Tori if she had "sexual relations" with any of her costars on 90210. Hooked up to a polygraph machine, under the glaring set lights, Tori makes her confession: She and her onscreen love, Brian Austin Green, got it on in real life...and it gave her feelings.

"Brian [Austin Green] and I were the youngest, we were 16 and I remember the first time I shook his hand, I had that ... I fancied him," she admits. "He would tease me, a lot! He'd come up to me, saying I had peach fuzz right here," she says while touching the sides of her face. Wow,

But wait! In an even more dramatic reveal (you can tell because there's lots of pregnant pauses and close-ups), Tori says she slept with another costar, too. This is unsurprising, as the cast was filled with lots of sexy young people experiencing a high level of wealth and fame. This Lifetime movie better deliver some Unauthorized sex scenes.

Tori's loathe to identify her second paramour, saying "half my friends don't even know this." But her RELENTLESS interrogator won't let up, and after saying "I don't think it was Ian [Ziering]" (rude!), she narrows it down to two sex-suspects: Luke Perry and Jason Priestley. But does Tori tell? You'll have to watch on October 3 to find out.

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