Our stomachs always drop when those flashing blue and red lights enter our rearview mirror. Now it's time for the questions police officers always ask.

They may feel innocent enough however they're really not according to the mediafeed.org. There's a reason behind each and every question.

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Do You Know Why I Pulled You Over

According to mediafeed.org it's to garner a confession. It's really that simple. We all know if we're speeding or rolled through a stop sign. If you truly don't know then say so. Maybe a brake light is out.

However, according to Healing Law police are assessing the safety of the situation and it helps them evaluate your character and body language with this question.

As of 2024, California is the only state where police can no longer ask this question.

Where Are You Coming From

Casual chit-chat this isn't as your answer can help them understand why you were speeding for example or ran a red light according to mediafeed.org.

If you're coming from an area with lots of bars and restaurants this sets the stage for the possibility of further scrutiny according to mediafeed.org. Maybe certain areas have an excess of issues or it's a holiday. They may even want to hear more from you if they suspect you're under the influence.

Also, the answer may not fit or make sense giving law enforcement officials reason to further investigate.

Is This Your Current Address

While looking at your driver's license police may ask you this because it allows additional information in case police think this traffic stop may lead to something more than just a ticket. According to mediafeed.org this gives law enforcement officials other avenues for investigation if necessary.

Is There a Reason You're in a Hurry

This is a tricky question because an officer who pulled me over told me he asked me the question because if there was an emergency he wanted to assist.

However, chances are if someone really is speeding for this reason the officer wouldn't even have time to get the question out. That said, according to mediafeed.org this question gets us talking and allows the officer to assess the situation further and see if the question makes us nervous.

Who knows, maybe the person just committed a crime or is on their way to some place they don't want to admit.

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More in depth questions such as 'have you been drinking,' 'may I search your car,' 'do you have any weapons in the car,' or 'where are you headed' usually mean police are suspicious of you.

Just so you know you legally don't have to answer any of these questions according to mediafeed.org. You be the judge of your situation and how it looks.

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