Who knew he was a multi-millionaire? No one. Isn't that wild? Now everyone knows because he left his tiny New Hampshire town of around 4,200 residents, nearly $4 million after passing away at the age of 82.

According to the NPR station out of New Hampshire, his name is Geoffrey Holt and he worked at a mobile home park. As a matter of fact, he lived there, too. Talk about living a simple, unassuming life.

He didn't own a car according to People Magazine and just drove a lawn mower to the local convenience store down the road from the trailer park. And it gets even more curious regarding his lifestyle.

He was originally a driver's education teacher at the local Hinsdale, New Hampshire high school as well as helping other residents with odd jobs. Prior to that according to NPR, he was a production manager at a grain mill in Brattleboro, Vermont before it closed. Clearly, he saved everything. So what a WOW moment when he passed away with such a secret of being a multimillionaire and leaving everything, all $3.8 million to the town of Hinsdale.

His only request with the money according to NPR is to use it to benefit education, health, recreation, and culture in the Hinsdale community. So now the brainstorming begins for this unforgotten part of New Hampshire according to People Magazine. Well, not anymore actually. Hinsdale is on the borders of Vermont and Massachusetts two hours west of Boston, two hours east of Albany, New York right on the Connecticut River.

According to People Magazine, the town plans to be very frugal and as of right now, their first thoughts with the money include developing an online driving course in honor of Geoffrey, purchasing a new ballot-counting machine in honor of his unwavering dedication to voting, upgrading the clock in the tower on the town hall, and restoring some buildings throughout Hinsdale.

For some fabulous photos of his life, click here.

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