The members of British boy band Union J are popping up all over the news lately. First, member and Harry Styles lookalike George Shelley was linked to Selena Gomez, and now one of the boys in the band has revealed he is going to be a dad. Exciting!

It's JJ Hamblett, 25, who is expecting with his girlfriend, Caterina Lopez. The singer shared the news on Twitter and was met with tons of support from fans. His band brothers -- Josh Cuthbert and Jaymi Hensley rounded out the lineup -- also shared their excitement and love. They'll soon be on diaper duty.

Union J are on the cusp of boy band superstardom, so some naysayers might think this is the worst time for one of the members to make a major personal life change by welcoming a child. But it would not be the first time a pop star has become a parent and so many go on to be (or remain) wildly successful. And for that reason, we're totally stoked for Hamblett and Lopez.

Below are Hamblett's tweets revealing that he is going to be a father.