Union J kicked off their sophomore album era with a new single and new video, ‘Tonight (We Live Forever).’

The British boy band is back with a brand-new track that is so peppy and upbeat it’s impossible not to love. The heavy drums and catchy lead guitar strums paired with youthful, feel-good lyrics create a fitting single for a cute boy band just looking to have some fun.

And JJ, Josh, Jaymi and George are definitely looking to have a good time, judging by the video for ‘Tonight.’ The guys throw a packed house party and dance around singing, “Tonight we’ll live forever / Do this we won’t remember / But it’s all good / If we can, we should / As long as we’re together.”

There are a few highlights to watch out for in the high-energy vid, including George playing a guitar (who doesn’t love a boy bander playing an instrument?) and all four members crowd surfing above their partygoers. What we want to know is: How do we get an invite to the next Union J party?

Check out the video for ‘Tonight (We Live Forever’ above!