With new singles officially (and finally!) released from One Direction and the Vamps, we didn't think the current state of bubblegum pop could get any better than it already is. But then Union J decided to go ahead and drop their new single -- titled 'You Got It All' -- and, well, we'll let you know when we've fully recovered from the boy band beauty of it all.

The ballad, posted above, is a super sweet crooner sure to melt even the iciest of hearts -- which is appropriate considering what the band had to say of the track. According to Sugarscape: “It’s the ultimate big ballad and it takes us back to our vocal roots. As the weather turns colder, it’s the perfect song for us to lead through to the winter.” Considering how cozy the song feels, we've got to agree with the boys.

Think you can handle one more surprise? According to the band's official Twitter, the music video for 'You Got It All' is a mere five days away. Here's to hoping we get plenty of shots of George Shelley's permanently wind-blown hair sprinkled throughout. The 21-year-old singer tweeted a totally swoon-worthy selfie in celebration of hearing the new single on the radio. Has Christmas come early?

The single officially drops on Nov 30, but you can pre-order the song now. There's no word yet on when their sophomore album will be released, but we sure hope it's soon!