An etiquette expert is urging people to reconsider sending voice notes instead of text messages in 2023.

William Hanson gave FEMAIL a rundown of the "dos and don'ts" regarding effective and courteous communication when using a cell phone.

When it comes to sending voice notes versus text messages, Hanson urged people to think about who the receiver is and how they will receive the information sent to them.

For starters, it's best to skip voice notes when messaging someone you aren't very close with, as a voice note can be perceived as more intimate than a text.

"Personally, I like sending voice notes. I don't send them to people I don't know very well," Hanson shared.

Folks should also take into consideration that not everyone can listen to a voice note at a moment's notice, making texting more effective if a fast response is the end goal.

"Obviously, you can't always listen to a voice note if you are in a busy place or a meeting," Hanson explained.

Communicators should also consider prefacing a voice note with a heads-up text so as not to put unnecessary pressure on the message recipient.

"When I send a voice note, I always tag it with a message saying something like, 'About lunch tomorrow' or 'not urgent.' And I don't expect an immediate reply," he continued.

Overall, Hanson doesn't "approve of long voice notes and wasting someone's time," so keep those voice notes short and sweet if you're going to send them.

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