There's a new force taking over the Internet, and unless you're anything like Pete Davidson, it's likely you don't have it. (Yes, even you, Kanye.)

Ever since Ariana Grande slip-revealed what may or may not be the size of her heavily-endowed hubby-to-be's package on social media last week, Twitter has considered coining a sensation in honor of the poster child's prized phallus: Big Dick Energy.

Termed "BDE" for short — or in Davidson's case, long, "like 10-inches long," to be precise — the phenomenon is "a quiet confidence and ease with oneself that comes from knowing you have an enormous penis and you know what to do with it," as The Cut explained it.

Though not to be confused with cockiness, BDE is a mood, "a healthy, satisfied, low-key way you feel yourself" when you know you're packing such heat between your legs. Although, as the site describes, the feeling isn't necessarily limited to men like Charlie Puth and Justin Bieber. It is, after all, a "thing that makes people bogglingly attractive to others." So naturally, Beyonce and Rihanna are radiating with it.

Seeing as it's all everyone's been talking about since the myth of the SNL funnyman's penis hit the web, Twitter has stirred up a heated conversation of who has the "It" factor, and who doesn't.

Their verdicts, however hilarious, were nothing short of convincing.

"Oscar the Grouch has Big Dick Energy there i said it, been holding it in for days. DAYS!" one user wrote of the infamous Muppet, some argued in favor of criminally overlooked cartoon characters we've known since childhood.

Others were more interested in how to get rid of BDE all together: "How do you cleanse your home of big dick energy?" asked another user. "Do you sage your home while playing a D'angelo record backward or burn a pair of size 14 air max 1's or."

All speculation aside, what we can confer about Davidson's disco stick even without having seen it ourselves is that it certainly has captured Grande's attention. (But, like, can you blame her?!)

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