Exes Wilmer Valderrama and Demi Lovato reunited during an Instagram Live video.

The pair, who dated on-and-off from 2010 to 2016, surprised fans with a joint video appearance on social media Sunday (April 28), where the That '70s Show alum called his ex-girlfriend his “angel," as well as arranged a potential time and date for them to meet up.

There is clearly no love lost between the two and their chemistry is still absolutely undeniable. You can't help but gush as you watch them interact with each other. “Anyways, you look awesome, girl!” Valderrama tells Lovato to which she replies, “Thank you! So do you.”

"I'm done with work on Wednesday, so holla at your boy," he added.

"OK, I will," she responded with a huge smile on her face.

Then, when their conversation came to an end, the actor said goodbye, signing off with, "See you, angel. Love you!"

Despite going their separate ways in June 2016, Lovato and Valderrama have remained very close friends. He was even by her side to support her during her July 2018 relapse.

“Demi and Wilmer are still in constant communication. [They] speak over the phone pretty much every day and see each other often," a source told Us Weekly in December. “After her last relapse, she realized how short life can potentially be and it really resonated with her that she could lose everything at the snap of a finger. One of the last things that she would ever want to lose is Wilmer.”

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