You've heard of not wearing white to a wedding or a bridal shower, but this woman's friend on Reddit took that rule to the next level when she kicked the woman out of her baby shower for the same offense.

"I (29f) have been friends 'Claire' (28f) since high school. We have a small group of friends that has stayed close since then," the woman explained in her post.

She said that Claire threw a baby shower recently.

"I wore a white and blue floral sundress. I didn't think anything of it because, as far as I know, white is only inappropriate for bridal events," the woman said.

After arriving at the event, the woman said her friend seemed to be in a particularly bad mood.

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"Claire's mood seemed to immediately sour and she was really cold toward me," she said.

Another friend then pulled the woman aside and asked her to leave the baby shower.

"She said that Claire was offended by my 'attention-seeking behavior' and that it was inappropriate to wear white to Claire's event. I left," the woman revealed.

"I'm super confused. Like I said, I thought the white rule only applied to bridal events. Our friends are refusing to take sides but a couple have told me I should apologize even if I don't think I'm wrong," she added.

Reddit users were just as confused as the woman in the comments.

Many people asked if she was sure that the reason she was kicked out was for the color of the dress.

"I’ve been told it’s about the dress, but I’m starting to think it’s a body image thing. I’m not as thin as the rest of the girls in the group. Maybe Claire is upset that she is, FOR VERY GOOD REASON, the 'big' one right now," the woman elaborated in reply to a comment.

"I’ve always been the 'bigger' girl in our group (I’m not actually overweight or anything but everyone else is very tall and slender and I’m short with wide hips) so maybe she’s feeling bad that she’s bigger than I am right now? But she SHOULD be bigger because she’s 8 months pregnant! And she looks fantastic!" she added in another comment.

The woman also shared that Claire didn't even wear white to the event –– she wore pastel pink.

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