A woman, 32, received some tough love on Reddit after revealing her boyfriend, 42, blocked her phone number without explanation right after moving in together.

"I found out today my boyfriend randomly blocked me, my number. I became curious as to why my messages turned green to him. We texted about 3PM and I followed up with him about 5PM (it’s 10PM as I type)," she wrote.

"So I tried calling ... voicemail. I had someone call him, and guess what? Call goes through, no answer though," the confused woman continued on Reddit.

The couple had been together for eight months, and only had "two arguments the entire time while together ... but no arguments or issues as of lately."

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However, a few months ago she caught her boyfriend, who is a trucker and spends much of his time on the road, on a dating app. She also shared that the "very insecure man" is "always accusing me of cheating when I’ve never given a reason to and haven’t."

"He even suggested [two] days ago it’s okay for me to have sex (while he’s gone), just be honest with him. I’ve reassured him multiple times I’m beyond that ... just having meaningless sex to satisfy needs and I’m totally committed to him and have no desire to sleep with anyone other than him because I love him," she continued.

The woman added that they had just moved into a rental home together, and now she's stuck with his "share of bills."

"Deep in my gut, I got that feeling but I guess I want to hear from others that it’s obvious he’s up to no good," she concluded her post.

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Many users in the comments section suggested the man is probably cheating on her.

"If a man is acting this sketchy, I would save my good child bearing years ... for someone who won’t leave me with highly questionable doubts. Especially when he is potentially gone for long periods of time! Obviously, you two need a serious talk and how truthful he is during that conversation is how you should view the rest of the relationship. His actions speak louder than words," one person wrote.

"Seems a bit clear something is up. I don’t want to jump to conclusions, however, even if he isn’t cheating he’s still too old to be acting so immature and childish. Sketchy behavior," someone else weighed in.

"Let's be real, even if he isn't actively cheating the fact he'd comfortably randomly block and ghost you should be enough of a final nail in the coffin in and of itself. After all, you have an entire dynamic of paranoia, projection, cheating, etc.," another user commented.

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