A woman on Reddit is sharing why she ended her relationship with her boyfriend after he lied to her and discovered his secret child.

In her post, the woman shares that she has been with her boyfriend for two years and that they have had problems in the past but none as serious as this.

"I 28f and my boyfriend 28m have been together for two years. We’ve had many conflicts, but never serious enough to break up over. Last year, I found out that he had a child. He had never told me this saying that he didn’t even care for the child so it didn’t matter if he told me or not. We argued over that for two months until I gave up. I still loved him so I forgave him," she prefaces her post.

That's when the woman says she recently found a message on his phone, where she claims she saw a message from a girl that detailed their secret child.

"Back to the present, I was on his phone yesterday and I saw a deleted message on Facebook. Upon opening the message, I fell to the floor on my knees. It was a girl, not the one he has a child with; but another girl. She was yelling at him for leaving her pregnant and refusing that the child was his after a DNA test. He didn’t even respond to her; but just deleted the message," she said.

"When I confronted him about it earlier today, he refused that he knew that girl. I told him to be honest and he told me the full story. He met that girl two years ago before we had started dating. They had a one night stand and he said he forgot to pull out. He said that she promised she was taking birth control so he didn’t consider her being pregnant. Then last year she messaged him saying she was pregnant and he said he just blocked her," the woman continued.

That's when the woman ended things with her boyfriend and shared that she is afraid he would have left her the same way he did the other women.

"I never knew he was a b--ch like this so I told him we are over. He went crazy upon hearing that saying that the children didn’t even know him and that the children weren’t even part of his life. He said that I would be unaffected but I can’t get over him being an as--ole to these two girls. He hit and ran to both of them. I’m scared he’ll do the same to me. Also all of My friends are saying that he isn’t an as--ole and that I am for getting mad about his past," she says before asking if she is wrong in this situation.

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People in the comments section shared their perspectives on the situation.

"Having children he refuses to acknowledge isn't his past. That's an ongoing issue. He is so much more than just an asshole. He is a POS," someone shared.

"The issue isn't his past, it's his withholding it from you..twice now, and with rather significant information. Yeah, I'd say under those circumstances, this one's done," one person said.

"His past isnt the issue, its his attitude. And thats alarming. What would happen if you had a child and he did the same thing? Best rid of this tosser," a Reddit user commented.

"It sounds like you need new friends," read another comment.

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