A woman is going viral after claiming that she was fired after being late to work because of the weather conditions.

Damita JoMama shared a TikTok where said that she left her previous job to join an ambulance company that had better benefits and pay that would help to support her family.

JoMama does not name the employer, but she says that on the day she was supposed to start her job that her area of Arkansas was hit with a several inches of snow. She goes on to claim that the state did not properly prepare for the system and salt the roads.

"Walmart closes. And Walmart don’t ever close!" JoMama said in the clip.

The storm did not deter her from heading into her job and she decided to take her mom's SUV to navigate the road conditions better.

"I have never had to drive in snow before because every job I’ve had previous to this I’ve always been off when it snow," JoMama said.

Despite making the trek into work, she was an hour late and explained that she was "terrified" as she made her way on the roads. Knowing she was going to be late because of the roads, JoMama said that she was ready to be "apologetic" when she arrived.

JoMama claims that her boss did not care and that her boss was not happy that she was not there on time.

"She’s basically saying, ‘ We can get here; why couldn’t you get here?" JoMama shared.

"I’m like, that’s fine and dandy, but, baby, I’m not used to driving in snow. I got here as quick as I could. I risked my doggone life getting here for this job," she continued.

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That's when JoMama claims her boss scolded her for not informing them that she was going to be late and JoMama said that there was not a number to call on the correspondence she received.

After that, she was informed that the company was not going any further with her as an employee.

The TikTok has since gone on to be viewed nearly 1 million times.

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