A woman nearing her due date was horrified and furious after her husband asked her to "hide upstairs" when breastfeeding their child.

Sharing her story on Reddit's AITA forum, the anonymous 23-year-old woman wrote she is nearing her due date, and her 24-year-old husband is trying to enforce a breastfeeding rule ahead of his family visiting.

"His family (mom, dad, and brother) are coming to visit on their way to vacation. He knows I want to try and breastfeed, and he said his one 'rule' is to not BF in front of his family," she explained in her Reddit post.

"He says he doesn't want me to make his dad and bro uncomfortable and that I should go upstairs to feed our baby every time, every 1-3 hours," she continued.

The man also said he "would go up with us so he could bond too."

"My problem is I will be in recovery and am supposed to rest, so stairs happening often seems like a problem to me," she shared.

The pregnant woman tried to reason with her husband, telling him, "It's about my recovery and bonding with the baby."

"His family can just leave the room or just NOT LOOK if they're uncomfortable," she continued, adding, "I said I would wear a cover, SOMETIMES, but I need to be able to see because I'll still be learning."

According to her post, the husband is not happy with her stance and keeps insisting the subject be dropped.

"I need to bring it up again before then so we're both on the same page, but I don't think he'll have budged," she wrote. "Would I be in the wrong for telling him to f--k off?"

Redditors rallied to defend the new mom's right to breastfeed in her own home.

"You shouldn't have to hide away in your own house every 1-3 hours. If they're uncomfortable, they can go hide," one user commented.

"What I want to know is where the hell husband gets off telling his wife he has a RULE for her breastfeeding," a second Redditor fumed.

"Not to mention that breastfeeding can take quite a while. There is a good possibility she would have to be hiding upstairs for one hour every three hours," another wrote.

"Absolutely this. I'm also nearing my date, and if anyone can't deal with seeing a bit of boob, they can remove themselves from my vicinity," another user clapped back.

"You are FEEDING your CHILD in YOUR HOME," proclaimed another reader. "It's not like you are throwing tassels on the girls and whipping them around in front of the family. You are feeding a child. If that makes them uncomfortable, they can step out or look away or just NOT come over."

Finally, a fellow mom reminded Reddit of the trauma often endured during childbirth. "With how my first delivery went... there's no way I could have been going up and down the stairs every time I had to feed. This is such a caveman thought process. I can't even grasp it."

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