Dating apps can be hard to navigate with so many options and settings to find the perfect match, but one woman's epic app fail had a heartwarming outcome.

Jessica Walker was initially baffled she wasn't getting any matches, only to discover her profile was only being shown to gay men.

The Florida woman downloaded the popular dating app Hinge hoping to find the perfect guy, but was annoyed she was being ignored by everyone and the guys she was being shown were interested in "cute country boys."

"I was newly single and I didn't know how to use Hinge, I was so confused. I wasn't getting any likes, it was making me question who I was as a woman," she said, according to the Mirror. "I'd just been liking guys' profiles because they were all really cute."

It was then that Taylor McManus contacted Walker letting her know that her profile was only being shown to men who enjoy the company of other men.

"Then when Taylor told me I'd put my settings on to gay men, it made sense. Every profile was saying 'looking for a cute country boy,' and I was like 'why does it say that? I'm looking for a boy too!'" she continued, adding that she eventually fixed the error.

"I don't know how this happened but later that day I was able to view straight men so I don't know how it happened," she said. "It's so funny."

However, the dating app mishap did make her realize that straight men need to step up their game when writing up their profiles.

"For the day or so that I was set to gay men, I realized I like their dating profiles. They're a lot more honest than straight men, and I love that. Heterosexual men will say 'I'm looking for the love of my life,' when they're looking for Netflix and chill," she explained. "Every gay profile seemed very honest ... about what they wanted."

Walker was thankful for McManus reaching out to help guide her and noted the two have since become besties.

"Maybe I was just supposed to meet Taylor this way, it's so odd. When he reached out to tell me, I thought it was very funny and it was just my luck. I sent it to all my girlfriends and I was just like 'why is my life this way?' Since this happened, we've become friends. I feel like Taylor, bless his heart, has gotten so much information from me."

Walker continued: "We share so much with each other, which is really nice. It's great because we live close by and there aren't a lot of young people around here unless they're here on spring break."

McManus is also happy to have Walker in his life, and now calls her his "go-to friend" for advice on "boy problems."

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