A woman on Reddit admitted she resents her sister for not having to "sacrifice" anything in her "perfect" life.

"She was my maid of honor and I was hers. My bitterness came from my ex-husband and I divorcing. I did everything for our marriage. I quit my job and took flexible part time work so the children could be taken care of and I did all of the housework. I worked so hard to be a perfect wife and mother. My ex-husband still cheated and left," the woman wrote.

The woman, who didn't received much in her divorce, now works full-time while taking care of two young children as a single mom.

"My sister has a supportive husband and a great marriage. He is a great dad to their kids, loves her and they are well off. They have a nice home in a good area and their kids have college paid for. My sister’s career as an engineer is good and she never made career sacrifices for her husband like I did," she continued.

"I sacrificed everything for my husband and marriage and got nothing. My life and hers are very different and I cried after visiting her last week. I’m so bitter that she stayed true to herself and I didn’t. It led me to not talk to her as much over the years but I’m also older without a lot of support as my children have moved out and I miss her," she added.

The woman's sister also helped get her through the divorce, which is why she is so upset with herself for feeling resentment toward her sister because she's "a good person."

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Users gave the woman some tough love in the comments section.

"I think your misplaced bitterness toward your sister will go away if you focus on owning your decisions and becoming an active participant in your own life, rather than sacrificing and then feeling victimized. I think that's the biggest difference between you and your sister; she knows what she wants and accepts the outcome of pursuing it," one person wrote.

"I think you are angry at yourself. Forgive yourself for listening to your parents. You thought they knew better and you were trying to do the right thing. Tell your sister that you admire her for not listening to your parents and that you wish you had not. Maybe if you acknowledge that you can get past your misplaced anger," another chimed in.

"I'm sorry that things have been so hard for you but I think the first step to not being jealous of her life is to start focusing on your own. It sounds like things have been really rough on you since the divorce but I'd like to remind you that 45 is not that old. And it's certainly not too old to start focusing on yourself and making your life what you want it to be," someone else commented.

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