A person on Reddit is wondering if they should confront their boss after finding a camera pointed at them in their office.

"I started at this new job not long ago, and since the first day I've known there was a camera in my office. I don't think it's necessarily weird to have cameras in an office setting, there's cameras in all sorts of places for all kinds of reasons. But, the camera in my office isn't any sort of built-in fixture. And MY individual office room is the only office with a camera in it," the Reddit user wrote in their post.

"On my first day of the job, I realized my boss was too 'aware' of my actions. He said something to me that threw me off, and I knew he wouldn't have brought it up unless he had been watching me do something. It was just TOO coincidental."

After the incident, the employee scanned the room and "found a camera nestled into a cubby with a small wire that leads into his adjacent office."

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"My other boss has also indirectly responded to my actions in the group chat. The few times I had spent an excessive amount of time on my phone were times that the 'hey guys! Let me know if you guys need anything to work on, I know things are slow' messages would trickle in. Anything that seemed to hint at me being watched was also said or done ambiguously enough that they weren't revealing anything about being able to see me, as if I'm not SUPPOSED to know I'm being watched, and that's what is unsettling to me," they continued.

The employee also claimed the camera is "pointed directly" at them.

"Not the door, not the front of my desk, not anywhere else that would make sense for security. I've looked at everyone else's offices and didn't see a single camera. The camera is pointed specifically at ME. And I don't even deal with money or anything that could be stolen," the user explained.

Now, the employee is unsure if they should bring up the placement of the camera to their boss or not.

"I'm not entirely mad, and I guess I understand the reasoning, like making sure I'm 'on task' or some s--t. It just bothers me a little that I can be watched whenever, and they never even disclosed that. I feel like someone being constantly monitored has the right to know that they are. Especially since I'm the ONLY one being watched like this," they concluded.

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Reddit users offered advice in the comments section.

"Is this your office? Place a nice plant/object in the way of the camera to decorate. If the decoration is moved, ask why," one person wrote.

"I would 'find' the camera and report it to your boss in distress. Most people being secretly recorded would be shocked and bothered. It may or may not be legal, but you can definitely make it clear that this is disturbing to you. If your employer wants to and legally can use surveillance cameras, I don't see why they won't just be upfront about it. If you were working with scheduled drugs or money or something, then sure I get not wanting your employee to know so they can disrupt the cameras. But it sounds like they are just watching you and micromanaging to the max," another commented.

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