Wrestlers frequently have to come up with innovative ways to entertain the crowd when they aren't in the midst of a match. This time, we have two WWE stars performing a seemingly-peaceful rendition of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's Grammy-winning song "Shallow" from their remake of A Star Is Born.

All seems to be going smoothly as Elias strums the song on an acoustic guitar and gently sings Bradley Cooper's first verse, until Finn Balor takes the spotlight on Lady Gaga's parts. Balor sets the stage for the roaring chorus, and then something ridiculous happens. Watch the video below.

A WWE star is born? "Shallow," in addition to winning two Grammys, has also won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe. It has been covered several times already, and this is probably the worst of its covers, though the most entertaining.

Also, Lady Gaga probably wouldn't pull Balor's outfit off as well as he did.

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