By now we're almost used to hearing about Britney Spears leaving of the 'X Factor' set. But why did all four judges on the panel walk off of the Kansas City set?

TMZ reports that Spears, Demi Lovato, L.A. Reid and a sick Simon Cowell's substitute Louis Walsh all high tailed it off of the 'X Factor' set following what may have been the worst audition ever.

The wannabe crooner, whose name hasn't been revealed (yet) allegedly walked onstage and claimed to be "better than Chris Brown." (We can't wait for Breezy to get wind of this and tweet about it!) He then disrespectfully turned his back to the panel, closed his eyes and sang what the site describes as "melodic torture" before the audience began to boo. The judges couldn't handle the mess and bounced after only a few bars. The source says that the entire panel walked off together but eventually came back, though Spears took a little extra time to recover from the aural atrocity she'd just heard.

One audience member told PEOPLE, "It was really awkward. You could tell the judges were done." The source said that it wasn't just the lack of talent, but also the hopeful's rudeness that sent them packing. "I don't think they had a choice," the witness added. "They didn't want to waste their time." Thing is, since the guy's back was turned, he didn't even realize the judges left!

Another audience member affirmed the contestant's general jerkiness. "He was one of the worst singers and had a bad attitude ... [The judges] all hated it and walked off."