Now that One Direction have experienced a bit of fame, they're taking their hard earned cash and spending it ever so wisely on tattoos, because that's what real rockstars do!

We're totally on board with the edginess of tattoos, and Zayn Maliks' girlfriend Perrie Edwards also seems to love the new ink her boyfriend is rocking. In fact, it appears she can't get enough of it! So ... he's in one of the hottest bands right now and he's sporting some serious tats? Yea, we'd be hooked too.

"I want to fill my entire arm up to my elbow to start. I’ve got loads of ideas. I draw as well," said Malik to Now magazine (via STV Entertainment). "I’m more addicted to coming up with the ideas of what I can get tattooed rather than the actual tattoo itself.”

"She [Perrie] likes my tatts," he continued, making sure to make proper note that his girlfriend is a-okay with his newest additions. “She’s into the whole rock n’ roll look.”

If Malik truly wants to get a sleeve of tattoos, he better check out our man Craig Owens for inspiration. We're a total sucker for his ink!

In addition to Zayn's own unique tattoos, the heartthrob also has matching ink with his bandmates. All members of one direction -- sans Niall Horan, who hasn't gone under the needle yet at all -- have matching screws on their ankles. Cute!

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