If it were up to talk show host Wendy Williams, Zayn Malik wouldn't remain a part of One Direction at all.

"If you can do five-part harmony, it's just as easy to do four-part harmony," she said on the Monday (March 23) episode of the Wendy Williams Show, alongside Gossip Table co-host Marianne Garvey. "I say kick this guy out of the group because now that's more money for the rest of us, we won't have to split our money five ways."

Her comments are a reaction to last week's news that Zayn abandoned the Asian leg of One Direction's On the Road Tour following new rumors that he cheated on his fianceé, Perrie Edwards. A spokesperson later said that Malik quit due to exhaustion.

"I'm not mad at this guy," Wendy clarified. "I admire him for standing in his own truth, which is that being a celebrity — particularly as a young person — is very... It's a lot."

Garvey spilled that while Zayne is the "most emotionally fragile of the group," the band have already crafted a separate tour that can be performed without Zayn. He's allegedly "done this before," she claimed.

That lines up with what an alleged March tour rider for the band revealed today when it hit the internet. In it, the band requests three "star" dressing rooms to accommodate just four band members. As you no doubt know, One Direction has five members: Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik.

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