In case you haven't heard, Zayn Malik tore into Louis Tomlinson on Twitter on Wednesday (May 6) and Directioner's worlds came to a crashing halt.

After Louis and Naughty Boy got into it on Twitter yet again, Zayn attacked his former bestie/brother/fellow boy band member with a simple tweet that changed lives:

Needless to say, Directioners far and wide immediately hopped on the Twitter trend #TOMLINSONSLAYSAGAIN, sharing their emotions in the only way One Direction fans know how: With passion and severity.

Some fans were shell-shocked:

Some fans were undeniably (and, frankly, understandably) angry at Zayn:

Others supported the new, four-piece One Direction more than ever:

But most of all, fans just missed the #Zouis bromance more than anything:

And then there were those who were just casually wondering what the rest of the band was up to in these moments (aw, "Moments"):

As for our personal contribution? Well, we'll just leave Louis' verse from "Over Again" right here:

"Whether we're together or apart / We can both remove the masks / And admit, we regret it from the start."

C'mon, guys. We need #Zouis back in our lives -- like yesterday. Don't forget where you belong, Zayn.

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