The final days of 'X Factor' auditions took place in Newark, N.J. and in Texas, and were dispersed over last night's episode. There were less freaks and more serious contenders on this episode, such as rapper Brian Bradley, pop singer and automotive-technician-in-training Tora Woloshin and soulful 16-year-old Jazzlyn Little. With a healthy crop of talented hopefuls on their way to the next phase of the competition known as "Boot Camp," the divide between the good and the great will start to develop. The best, brightest talent will start to rise to the top. PopCrush is here to provide your handy recap of the final day of auditioning.

Brian Bradley: This Brooklynite, 14, was brimming with confidence. His rapping, where he warned people to "stop looking at my mom," had solid flow. Say hello to Brian B, hip-hoppers.

Andy Silikovitz: He has never been married, and while he couldn't really sing, he will probably find a date on the quick since he was so endearing! We hope you meet Miss Right, Andy. You are adorable.

Clarissa Cheatham aka Cashmere: This 27-year-old Philadelphian yodeled through Mariah Carey's 'Always Be My Baby.' It didn't work for anyone.

Cari Fletcher: The 17-year-old delivered a gripping rendition of Heart's 'Alone,' to which L.A. Reid told her she had a star's name, face and voice. But Simon Cowell said her voice was not distinct. She still got a push through from all four judges.

Ausem: This pairing of trendy 15-year-olds watch a lot of 'Glee.' They harmonize cutely. The judges liked him and wanted to split them up. It took Nicole Scherzinger forever to render her vote, with Simon caterwauling "Yes or bloody no?" It ended up being a yes for both.

Tora Woloshin: She looked every inch the pop star and is studying to build race cars! She was cute, tattooed and could very well be the perfect woman! She grooved through Jackson 5's 'I Want You Back' like a superstar in training.

Jor-El Garcia: He attempted to perform 'Lucky Star' by Madonna and even started off the stage. He was vibrant, but couldn't sing or even be a back up dancer, sadly, according to Simon.

The Stereo Hogzz: This five-piece was smooth like butter, even though one member just became a father that morning! Their expertly choreographed R&B was "over-rehearsed" in Simon's eyes, but they moved forward.

Brennin Hunt: He is 26, good-looking, has been on tour, lives in Nashville, has a soulful voice and sang the original song, 'How We Make It,' which Simon Cowell immediately deemed risky. It paid off, since his voice was utterly terrific. He just needs to be steered on the right path.

Devon Talley: His performance of 'Seasons of Love' from 'Rent' felt like it lasted 525,600 minutes. He had spirit, though. He just has to try and hone his singing skills.

Jazzlyn Little: She is 16 and couldn't sell herself via banter with Simon, but when she sang 'I'm Going Down' by Mary J. Blige, it was a marvel. She had no confidence, but that'll come. With a voice like that, it has to.