The British Invasion is coming to 'SNL' this weekend as 'Spider-Man' star aka Andrew Garfield, who was actually born in the U.S. but raised in England, is hosting the show with Coldplay once again serving as the musical guest (May 3).

Garfield, who looks much younger than his actual 30 years, and Bobby Moynihan teamed up for this week's promos and the cast regular couldn't get the actor's correct superhero alter ego down. Well, there a lot of comic book movies out there, so ...

Garfield also introduced the show in his proper-sounding accent, and then did it for the "American audience" in a b-boy vibe. He also barked it for the dog audience.

Of course Moynihan had to offer the comparison to Garfield's girlfriend, co-star and onetime 'SNL' host Emma Stone, who was so good that they named a stage after her. It's a LOT to live up to. The pressure!

Moynihan and Garfield exhibited some electric comedy chemistry in their batch of promos, especially when the actor delivered his lines in majorly dramatic fashion. Actually, it was more like a breathy whisper.

Moynihan sure knew how to give the English guy a hard time. Stick around to the very end, since both Moynihan and Garfield lose it.

Oh, and Chris Martin doesn't appear. We sort of expected him to, as he has done 'SNL' skits in the past when his band performed, but he was MIA here.

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