Ariana Grande has had her fair share of onstage mishaps. You may recall the time she was almost knocked over by a large angel wing onstage at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Then there was the time she "almost died" while performing her hit single "Love Me Harder" onstage.

This past Sunday (March 8), she suffered yet another onstage accident: She tripped and fell while performing "Bang Bang" in Toronto. Luckily, Ariana recovered well (and frankly, we can't blame her for taking a tumble in those sky-high heels) and got right back up to perform the rest of the number.

She even tweeted a big thank you to her fans after the show, writing: "thank u toronto!!!! tonight was such a fun show lol. y'all made me feel so much better! i love you & thank you so much."

The rest of her weekend ended up being pretty great: Ariana's boyfriend, Big Sean, joined her onstage during her March 7 show in Detroit, where the two continued their campaign for the title of Most Adorable Celebrity Couple of 2015 by sharing a sweet public smooch while working the stage together. You can check out video from the show below. Ariana even managed to power through the rest of the performance despite having a sinus infection.

Lastly, Ariana has officially earned the stamp of approval from Big Sean's mom. "She's fabulous," she told TMZ. Big Sean, a self-proclaimed "mama's boy" protested when his mom began talking about the popstar, but the smile on his face told us everything we need to know: This pair is very, very happy together. In light of that, Ariana's onstage fall doesn't seem so bad.

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