Ariana Grande just keeps it coming with the ink! Fans of the singer first spotted Ariana's adorable finger tattoos when she appeared at a meet and greet, according to Twist Magazine. Now Twist is reporting that one of these tats has special significance.

The magazine pointed out that one of Arianna's finger tattoos, which features a small Hebrew inscription, is a dead ringer for a piece of ink her brother, Frankie, has on his finger as well.

Twist posted a photo of Ariana's hand, which bears two small finger tattoos — one is of the word "honeymoon" written in pretty cursive ("honeymoon" is likely a reference to Ariana's current Honeymoon Tour). The other tattoo looks very similar to the one Frankie debuted on Twitter.

Frankie posted an image of his new ink on his Twitter page. He posted "since a lot of you have been asking..." on April 19, followed by a tweet giving his one-million-plus followers a glimpse of his tattoo. He accompanied the picture with this message: "my finger tat is the @72namesofgod I meditated on during #bb16 comps & since it worked so well I got it. #Kabbalah."

Just last week Ariana posted an Instagram shot of her new crescent moon tattoo. Twist reports that Ariana's best friend and backup dancer Brian Nicholson has the same ink. Clearly Ariana is a big fan of meaningful tattoos — according to Popstar Tats, she commemorated her late grandfather with a gorgeous tattoo of the word "bellissima" on her side.

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