Remember the cover of Ariana Grande's one-year-old My Everything? Of course you do—it's a picture of her balancing on a stool the way a human would never instinctively choose to, in a pose that would incite an anxious bartender's concern. But it could have been something else entirely (something wild, something sinister).

To celebrate her very successful sophomore album's anniversary, the "One Last Time" singer posted a couple of ~*~*crazy*~*~ #outtakes from the cover shoot to Instagram that prove the following:

1) Ariana Grande likes to make silly faces (girls just wanna have fun!)
2) Ariana Grande's hair was TAILOR-MADE FOR TOUSLING
3) Ariana Grande continues to ignore her iPhone's basic calibrating tool, but it's really none of your business; it's really not for you to say whether that's right or wrong

"I can't believe today is #1YearOfMyEverything! what a thrilling year it's been. I am so beyond grateful. here's to more music very soon," she tweeted alongside the shot, which you can see more clearly if you turn your computer on its side or perform a modified plank on your desk or shared table space. Art is an experience, after all.

Grande's Instagram followers were mostly like: To hell with upright convention, anyway! "I JUSR SCREAMSD" one wrote, while another gently requested "Merry me@arianagrande".

The gauntlet has been thrown down (left)—you've got some serious shoes to fill, Moonlight cover.

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