Enjoy the everlasting sunshine, friends—it appears we won't be seeing any trace of Moonlight for quite awhile.

Ariana Grande, who announced the title for her next album, Moonlight, last month via a Twitter direct message, dashed the dreams of her beloved Arianators during a Twitter Q&A yesterday (June 21) when she said that the work is still a ways away from public consumption. Here's hoping My Everything can successfully hold you over in the meantime...

When one fan noted "I'm so ready for the third album," Ariana honestly tweeted: "it's forever away but meeeeee. too. i am so f--- happy with everything so far. i'm stoooked. love u the most."

On Friday, the Grammy nominee shared a bit of new music on Snapchat that had fans completely enthralled, and though the snippet only lasted for a few seconds, Grande had previously mentioned she wasn't averse to posting more sneak peeks. "u know how i can't resist sharing w my babes. no one can stop me lmao," she tweeted on May 29.

As for now, Grande's scheduled to perform as part of New York City's Pride during its Dance on the Pier fundraiser on Sunday. Whitney Houston, Cher, Demi Lovato and more have previously headlined the event.

Bummed that you won't be seeing more than a glimmer of Moonlight anytime soon? Share what you hope to hear from the new album.

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