On Dec. 24, easily a slow news day because of the holiday, it was reported that Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes of the Wanted (aka "Nariana," the cutest couple in the pop universe), had officially split. The story was built on the previous rumor, based on a 'Who's on First' type interview where she was talking about her pre-Nathan ex, Jai Brooks, with whom she split acrimoniously.

Several outlets picked up the "official" story, claiming that sources said the duo ended things a few weeks ago, that they just were not into it anymore and that they never saw each other due to the long distance, the latter of which Ariana dismissed as rubbish many times since they started dating.

PopCrush did a little sleuthing, and our findings about whether or not Nariana are over all add up to "not so fast." There is no clear proof, especially in the social media sphere, that Nariana have parted ways.

First, Narianators have been fiercely defending the couple's love online, and it's led us to some findings that may prove all three elements of the alleged breakup story are hasty and false.

Fans have been posting recent pics of the couple, such as a backstage snap of Nariana holding hands at Chicago's B96 Jingle Bash -- Ari in a red dress, Nathan in an ugly Christmas sweater -- on Dec. 14.

More photos from that gig are below. So much for breaking up weeks ago.

Ariana Grande Dec. 14
Timothy Hiatt, Getty Images
Nathan Sykes Dec. 14
Timothy Hiatt, Getty Images

The video of the performance is below. Watch it. Does that look like two people just "not into it" anymore? Body language is a strong indicator, and it suggests otherwise.

Now about the distance? While the exact dates are not certain, somewhat more recent pics of the duo traveling together and smooching at a Barnes + Noble have also popped up online, courtesy of fans. Like this one and this one. If anything, these pics prove they were together tons.

Additionally, Ariana spoke about the distance in her Teen Vogue cover story. Granted, that interview was conducted a little while ago, but still. She said, "It’s not as tough as people would think. We have the same music manager, so we can see each other’s schedules and plan little trips as often as we can."

Plus, Nathan was seen accompanying her to various events this year, and she accompanied him on a few Wanted interviews. She also met his parents in the U.K., and he has been seen hugging her mother, Joan Grande, multiple times and posing with her brother, Frankie.

So that whole never seeing each other claim? They were together all the time, with the photos proving it.

Overall, it's worth nothing that every photo of Ari and Nath, both candid and while together at professional events, finds them only having eyes for one another and constantly showering one another with affection. Their PDA was off the chain, in a cute, sweet way. They may be in the honeymoon (avenue) phase, but both have said they they love each other.

Christopher Polk, Getty Images

Other speculations suggest that that they split because they did not spend Christmas together. Well, that makes sense, since their families are on other continents. Ariana went home to Florida, and Nathan was in England. Perhaps they have New Year's plans. She is soon off to Japan. Maybe he will again accompany her. We have to wait and see.

Lastly, there is something else to consider. "Ariana Grande is quitting acting" was a huge and widely circulated headline earlier this month, with the singer herself shooting it down, saying if and when she has something to share, she'll do it via Twitter. Both Grande and Sykes have close relationships with their fans, so they would likely provide any sort of news that way. There's no "We have broken up" tweet as of right now.

However, we are surprised that they've not shot down the rumors yet. Maybe they are not dignifying rumors or stooping to that level. Or perhaps we're wrong, and they are over and are keeping quiet out of heartbreak and respect. We realize that anything is possible, but we're concluding they are probably still a couple.

So there's the PopCrush fact-finding mission about Nariana. We're not letting a good gossip story get in the way of facts.

Arianators, Narianators and PopCrushers, what are you thinking, based on our findings? Anyone else have intel they want to share, to the contrary or to our points?