Ariana Grande is unarguably one of pop's most down-to-Earth stars. The Sweetener singer is known for being highly engaged with her fans—both in person and online. Whether she's taking impromptu Instagram videos with listeners who stumble upon her and beau Pete Davidson out and about in New York City, or talking to fans on Twitter for hours at a time, Grande always takes time out to connect one-on-one with her supporters.

On Saturday (August 26), Grande expressed her "fans first" philosophy during her American Express Presents Sweetener Sessions show at the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles, California.

Shortly after beginning to sing her Sweetener album intro track "raindrops (an angel cried)," one distraught fan shouted somewhere amid the sea of Ariantors, "Wait, start again! I wasn't recording!"

Grande promptly halted her acoustic set to confirm she heard correctly, giggling as the rest of the crowd erupted into a mixture of shrieks and laughter. "See? I listen, I listen," the pop star, perched on a wooden stool, told the audience.

"I was like, sure! Are you ready now? I'm sorry! That was funny," she continued before starting the intro track up again just so the fan could get the footage they desperately wanted.

Watch the adorable (and thoughtful!) moment, below:

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