Was Rihanna laughing at Ariana Grande’s expense during the younger singer’s performance of ‘Problem’ at the iHeartRadio Music Awards? According to Ariana, the laugh was all in good fun.

This isn't the first time RiRi has been caught on camera reacting to a performance at an awards show. Let’s not forget her supremely unimpressed look while watching Miley Cyrus jump and hump around stage during the infamous 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.

Cameras were rolling once again when the ‘Unapologetic’ singer unabashedly laughed into her hand during Ariana’s awards show performance.

Ariana dismissed the rumor that Rihanna had any bad intentions. “I didn’t see her laughing at me,” she told the Bump Show, an Australian radio program, “but when I watched it afterwards, it looked like she was just shocked because I was doing something different.”

Mean giggle or surprised laugh?


The ‘Yours Truly’ star is likely referring to her mid-performance breakdown into a shimmying, hip-thrusting dance routine, all while sporting a sequined little black dress and knee-high white boots. The whole production was a little sexier than what we usually see from Ariana, but the former Nickelodeon star is growing up and her style is growing with her.

Ariana added, “Afterwards, [Rihanna] was so kind to me, she was like, ‘Lil’ mama, keep doing what you’re doing because it’s working.’”

In a display of maturity, Ariana also told the Bump Show, “I thought it was funny that people tried to make such a commotion out of it when she was just being playful and supportive... People are always trying to make such a big deal out of nothing because they’re bored.”

You tell ‘em, girl.