The shade of it all!

Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez both had technical issues during their Los Angeles Jingle Ball 2013 performances ... but there was one big difference between the two. While both ladies had problems with their monitors and microphones, when Gomez held her mic away from her face, it was painfully obvious she was lip syncing ... because you could still hear her voice. When Grande did the same, her mic went silent, because she was actually singing live.

When Grande took the stage after Gomez on Friday night (Dec. 6), her microphone wasn't turned up, so the crowd couldn't hear a note she sang during 'Right There.' Instead of getting aggressive with dancers or cussing audibly, Grande kept going and waited until Big Sean's rap verse to sprint backstage to get help from a tech.

Upon her return, the 'Tattooed Heart' singer belted some big notes to let the crowd know who was boss ... and when the song ended, she quipped, "At least I wasn't tracking!"

For the uninitiated, she meant she wasn't using a backing track for her vocals ... you know, like Gomez did. (And, to be fair, like a whole lot of singers do!)

When Grande was called out later for allegedly throwing shade at the Disney alum, she took to Twitter to clear her name, insisting it was just poor timing and an awkward situation for everyone.

Still, Grande is pals with Gomez's ex, Justin Bieber ... so do you think there's bad blood there, PopCrushers? Tell us in the comments!