Poor Ariana Grande. She was riding high on the No. 1 bow of her debut album 'Yours Truly' when she was diagnosed with a vocal injury and then told to pipe down and not sing for several days while it heals. The singer had to cancel performances, which certainly stalled the momentum of her big week!

TMZ reports that Grande, 20, was told not to sing or talk due to vocal cord strain. It's best that she let her voice rest, since she is Mariah-Carey-in-training (and in party dresses) and doesn't want to sustain any further damage or pain.

A source says the singer strained her vocal cords at her Monday night (Sept. 9) performance at Club Nokia in Los Angeles and it was all downhill from there.

An insider claimed that Grande had a mini freak out, went to a doctor and was told to be silent for four days. She had to cancel planned appearances on Queen Latifah's new show and on the exhumed 'The Arsenio Hall Show.' Yes, we said Arsenio Hall, all you children of the '80s.

We hope Grande's vocal cords heal on the quick and that she can resume using that beautiful voice of hers. Let's hope her rumored BF Nathan Sykes of the Wanted cheers her up!