For someone who was dragged — kicking and screaming — to the freezing pits of a desolate underworld, gored like a pig on a spit and left for dead in a makeshift graveyard, Barb of Stranger Things has had one hell of a year!

Nearly immediately upon the Netflix sci-fi series' July premiere, audiences gladly got their hooks into the character, played by Shannon Purser, whose galvanizing power was rooted in her conviction to remaining completely normal. Barb wasn't the prom queen, nor was she the leper; she wasn't excluded from parties, but was unlikely to end up among the VIPs. In other words, Barb was a woman of the people, and even in (probable) death, her legacy still speaks.

And a bulk of that influence can be chalked up to Barb's style, which might be most simply described as normcore's point of origin.

Let's be honest: This Halloween, there will be droves of party-goers and trick-or-treaters dressed as '80s athletes and gymnasts, sporting neon leotards and tucking crimped hair beneath fluorescent headbands. But with Barb as a brand new point of reference, you've got a chance to iron out a more cemented look, and one that fellow revelers will likely spot from a mile away.

Above, PopCrush has collected accessories and relics that will transform you in no time. We've covered the big glasses, the red short 'do and the antiquated school supplies. But do you have the conviction to be proudly unremarkable?

Ready your '80s lexicon, get your favorite Whitesnake playlist ready to go and do Halloween 2016 some Barb-sanctioned justice — that is, before you wind up a nightmare monster's prey.

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