It's been a hot minute since British singer-songwriter Bat For Lashes graced fans with fresh music—well, proper solo material, anyway.

While Bat For Lashes—nee Natasha Khan—teamed up producer Dan Carey and psych-rock outfit Toy on a collaborative project under the moniker Sexwitch in 2015, her last solo music was released with her third album The Haunted Man in 2012. On July 1, Khan will make her grand return as Bat For Lashes with a new concept album entitled The Bride.

Inspired heavily by the imagery, themes, and atmosphere present in the works of David Lynch, The Bride will center on The Bride—no, not Uma Thurman's femme fatale from Kill Bill, but a character of Khan's own conception—and the aftermath of the death of her fiance who is killed in a car crash on the way to their wedding. It's a tragic tale that no doubt lends itself artistically to the oft-haunting and achingly beautiful music that Khan crafts.

On March 18 the singer-songwriter released the video for "In God's House," the lead single off her upcoming LP. Heartbreaking and rife with tender longing, the track—which twinkles with brooding '80s new wave synths set against Khan's luminescent, wispy vocals—is thematically encapsulated by its video, which follows The Bride down a long, dusty highway as she visits the desert roadside site where her fiancee met his untimely demise.

With Khan swathed in the crimson and purple hues of the California dusk in which it was filmed, "In God's House" is a poetic mini-film with Lynchian grandeur, the precise sort of understated yet affecting visual we've come to expect from the enchanting songstress. Watch below:

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