Rihanna and Coldplay singer Chris Martin go head-to-head, literally, in front of a green screen in this behind-the-scenes clip from the filming of the 'Princess of China' video. They both get to be something they are not for a few moments in time. That's always fun, whether you are a celeb or not.

Stills have already been shared and  footage of RiRi from the video (the latter being used by the band when it plays the song during live shows). But the full clip premiere is TBD. So this has to tide you over for now.

In this footage, RiRi and Martin get intimate and the sultry scene is enough to make Martin's wife Gwyneth Paltrow a little jealous.

This tender and intimate scene takes place at the end, where they are singing to one another, their foreheads pressed against each other. She caresses his face, with her dagger nails in full view. It's quite sweet and sexy, as RiRi and Martin exude chemistry, looking and acting like a real couple. Like we said, that shot might make Gwynnie do a double take. The duo certainly generates considerable heat in these shots.

Rihanna says, "It's like a movie trailer to an old Kung Fu film. How awesome is that? I get to play a bad samurai b---- and I get to play a cute little geisha b----." The video and other pictures were released from the shoot prove that!

As for Martin, our fave self-deprecating Brit gets to play with a sword, too! He's hanging and slashing.

There are also lots of geishas being decorated with elaborate makeup and plenty of shots of RiRi as the gangsta goth geisha princess!

Watch Behind the Scenes of 'Princess of China' Video