Bella Poarch has just filed from divorce from her husband. Didn't know Bella even had a husband? It turns out the TikTok star and singer has secretly been married for the last four years.

On Sunday (Nov. 6), TMZ reported that the "Build a Bitch" singer officially filed for divorce from her husband, Tyler Poarch, in Los Angeles County Court.

Although Bella often shares her life with her over 92 million followers on TikTok, her marriage was not public knowledge and has been a big surprise to fans. Bella has never publicly worn a wedding ring, and she's never brought her soon-to-be ex-husband as a date to any public event in the years since she's rose to social media fame.

Below, here's what we know about Bella Poarch's marriage and divorce.

Who Is Bella Poarch's Husband? Who Is Tyler Poarch?

Until the divorce filing, the public did not know of Tyler Poarch's existence or relation to Bella. Bella does not follow anyone with the name on her social media accounts.

Some fans on TikTok have allegedly uncovered photos of Bella Poarch and Tyler Poarch from past social media accounts. See below:

It's believed that this defunct Twitter account belonging to a "Tyler Poarch" based in Maui might belong to Bella's ex, as Bella previously lived in Hawaii. User @TylerPoarch has not posted on the account since 2014.

It's also possible this inactive LinkedIn for a "Tyler Poarch" who has served as an "aircrew survival equipment man" for the U.S. Navy in Japan might belong to the TikTok star's ex as well. It's reported that Bella previously served in the U.S. Navy and was at one point also stationed in Japan.

Why Is Bella Poarch Getting a Divorce?

According to the legal filing obtained by TMZ, Bella cited "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for her divorce from Tyler Poarch. It's reported the pair do not share any children together and neither is requesting spousal support from the other.

What Is Bella Poarch's Real Name?

According to legal documents, Bella plans to keep her married name, Bella Poarch, as her stage name for the sake of her professional career. Bella's full legal name is Denarie Poarch.

It's believed Bella's maiden name is "Taylor," making her possible birth name Denarie Taylor. On old social media accounts it appears that Bella Poarch may have previously used the name "Nairee Taylor."

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