Planning a wedding is hard enough but picking a date that works for everyone is always complicated.

One bride-to-be is furious after she and her future husband carefully picked a wedding date that they believed would best suit their guests, only to be met with disapproval from her sister-in-law.

Sharing her story on Mumsnet, a popular website for families, the woman shared her  dilemma.

"Everyone seemed fine with this [date]," she wrote in her post. "So we went ahead and started making arrangements."

The date was "ideal because it's a week before school holidays, so we can take our honeymoon during the school holiday week, and we have two young kids who would otherwise need to be at school during this time, so it all works in perfectly."

The woman explained she cross-checked the dates with family members, who all seemed to approve — except for the sister-in-law, who responded with a passive-aggressive message informing her that her children's school vacation week had changed, making the date no longer "convenient" for her.

"Her attitude was that we should change it," the bride-to-be shared. "She made a big thing of how they'd probably not manage to get over for that weekend because they'd have to ask for a day off school."

The woman's fiancé was so upset by his sister's message to his wife-to-be that he hasn't contacted her since.

"After a night of processing what she'd said, I found a polite way of saying that it'd be nice if their family could make it over, but we understood if they couldn't, and we could always Zoom video call the wedding," she wrote.

Although the woman offered a tactful solution, the sister-in-law has continued to ignore the messages while responding to other family members in the group text chat.

"My fiancé doesn't want to change the date, and neither do I. I'm not sure how to fix the rift that it feels like is forming."

Meanwhile, the families will be visiting each other in the next week, and she isn't sure how to rectify the situation before her fiancé is scheduled to attend a dinner with them alone.

"I'm really worried," the woman continued. "[My] SIL is going to try coercing him into changing the wedding date when they're alone, and while I know he feels strongly about not changing it, I worry how this will affect his mental health."

Should the couple change their wedding date?

According to one fellow Mumsnet user, definitely not: "It's your wedding, and of course, you shouldn't change the date."

Meanwhile, others urged the bride to stay out of it for now.

"Let your husband deal with it. It's his sister," someone wrote.

"Well, that's not much more to be done. You understand why they might not make it and have offered to film or Skype it. What else can you do?" yet another user offered.

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