A risky driver got an instant dose of karma — and a vehicle covered in wet concrete — after they cut off an oncoming concrete truck while driving.

In a viral video shared by Daily Express Malaysia, a silver SUV pulls out into oncoming traffic from a parking lot. Seemingly realizing there is a concrete truck heading straight toward them, they suddenly brake in the middle of the road.

The driver of the concrete mixer, who is filming the whole thing thing on their dashcam, appears to slam on their brakes just before hitting the SUV.

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Unfortunately, the SUV gets hit by something else: thick, wet concrete, which starts pouting all over the car from the truck's drum.

A few moments pass before the driver begins to back their concrete-covered vehicle into the parking lot.

Watch below:

Originally shared in 2022, the video eventually found its way to the "Instant Karma" sub-forum on Reddit, where users roasted the driver for driving recklessly and learning a hard lesson in the process.

"The only thing missing here is an open sunroof," one person wrote.

"Can't deny it happened. There's concrete evidence," another joked.

"Once that sets, it's going to be one hell of a big speed bump," someone else commented.

"His fate was cemented given the dash cam shows concrete evidence of his mistake," another user quipped.

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