In today's digitally manipulated, pre-packaged, mostly online world of entertainment, seeing a classic tale like 'The Sound of Music' performed live, flaws and all, transported us to a simpler time.

We felt like we were watching masterful theatre from the comforts of the couch. NBC's 'The Sound of Music Live!' (which aired on Dec. 5) was a throwback in the best possible way. It also showed fans a different side of its lead, the lovely and talented Carrie Underwood.

Underwood is one of the biggest superstars in popular country music, but she's not a crossover queen like fellow blonde Taylor Swift. Her turn in 'The Sound of Music Live!' allowed us to hear her voice in a different way, stripped of twang.

Underwood, who was the winner of Season 4 of 'American Idol,' was not as angelic as Julie Andrews was in her iconic performance of the role, but she did a more-than-respectable job.

While some of the blogosphere has spewed hatred at Underwood for attempting a classic, we think she was pretty terrific. She had to sing, act and costume change in real time. For three (!!!) hours. Bravo, bravo.

Let's not forget about Stephen Moyer's performance, though (and the fact that we thought, "Look, Bill Compton is singing." He is forever associated with his 'True Blood' character, even when playing Captain von Trapp).

'My Favorite Things': Seeing Underwood in a nun's habit, singing 'My Favorite Things,' you would never guess she was the one of the biggest country stars working today. She brought a real innocence to that moment as Maria.

'Do-Re-Mi': Underwood was a believable governess when teaching the von Trapp kids how to sing! She infused her character with believable maternal instincts.

'The Lonely Goatherd': Remember when Gwen Stefani sampled this song on her second solo album, 'The Sweet Escape'? Yeah, well, we tried to forget that, too. Underwood and the von Trapp kids, in bed during a thunderstorm, reminded us how music heals all, even irrational fears.

'The Sound of Music': It's an iconic song and Underwood, singing by herself in those hills that are said to be alive, was sweet. Very sweet. Plus, the milkmaid braids are still chic in 2013.

'So Long, Farewell': The von Trapp children were a lovely chorus singing another gem and classic.