CL is a damn star.

While many Western fans have already been shouting as much for months and/or years now, she finally had the opportunity to prove it herself with her US late night TV debut on The Late Late Show With James Corden last night (September 15) in a superstar-worthy performance of her debut English solo track, "Lifted."

Armed with enough charisma to carry the room in any language, her signature cooler-than-you confidence and impeccable style, the fierce and fearless 2NE1 singing-rapping sensation utterly devours the stage (and the audience area, and everywhere in between) with her Wu-Tang-sampling jam, working through fly choreography and serving plenty of face as she raps along to the breezy party banger.

And yes, even Carpool crooner James Corden joins in at one point.

It's almost reminiscent of Queen Madonna's "Bitch I'm Madonna" live performances — except, of course, that this was CL's first-ever US late night TV appearance. (Seriously, you'd think she's already a pop radio veteran in America with this performance.) The only thing that'd make it better is if she busted out some "MTBD," too.

For those hoping and praying for CL's crossover success, you can breathe a sigh of relief: she didja proud. Rise up, CL. Rise!

Get lifted with CL and Corden up top.

The Many Fabulous Faces of CL: