In case you haven't been on the Internet lately, don't own a television or know anyone over the age of 27, we're here to let you know that David Letterman is officially retiring from his legendary 33-year-long gig as talk show host for The Late Show. The announcement was made last year, and his final episode as host is set to air tonight (May 20). The preceding weeks leading up to tonight's show was chock full of celebrity guests, giving Letterman a send-off as huge as his career.

While quite a few different musical guests were rumored to play Letterman off -- from Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder to Bob Dylan -- it was announced earlier today that the Foo Fighters would, in fact, be the final artist to take the stage in the Ed Sullivan Theater. And anyone who's paid even a modicum of attention to Letterman over the course of his career probably wasn't surprised to hear it -- the Foo Fighters are, quite loudly, his favorite band.

He even went so far as to request they play his first show back as host following his return from open heart surgery back in 2000 -- Letterman credits their single "Everlong" with helping him in his recovery, and so, they played it. When the band did promo for their seventh album Wasting Light, their final stop was at the Ed Sullivan Theater where they played the entire album, start-to-finish, for a minuscule 400 fans. Foo Fighters even staged a week-long residency on The Late Show in December 2014 as part of their promotional tour for their album Sonic Highways. Their relationship has always been close; no other band would have made sense.

You can check out Letterman's final show -- which, according to Deadline, is set to run 17 minutes overtime -- when it airs tonight (May 20) at 11:35PM ET. In the meantime, you can watch his last ever show entrance in the video above.