Demi Lovato has been making the rounds lately with her interviews — some of which have gotten more press than others, especially when it comes to revealing her preferred dishware.

The "Confident" crooner recently sat down for an interview on KISS FM in the UK, where she discussed a whole bunch of things, from "Cool For The Summer" (which is finally out across the pond!), her squad — which includes Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Lopez — starting a record label (Safehouse Records) with Nick Jonas, to dream soundtrack contributions. (Katniss, we hope you're reading this.)

Later on, she was asked about Justin Bieber and his comeback, to which she opened up a bit about her own Hollywood tale. As it turns out, she strongly relates to the "What Do You Mean?" singer: "The hardest thing is growing up in this industry. It's the most confusing time in anyone's life. I mean, I was a little ——," she revealed to an explosion of laughter. (Unclear which unsavory word she chose.)

"I swear. I've been going back over the past few years and apologizing to people. When I was on Disney Channel, I was so miserable. I had other reasons too — severe depression, blah, blah, blah. I can see that he's kind of doing the same thing," she said, further empathizing with the young pop superstar.

But that's not all! Demi's also had a recent the make-up of her own DNA.

And as it turns out, she's "a little bit Jewish."

"I did some research a couple years ago — like a Genealogy type situation — for some reason I always thought I was Italian. I'm not," she explained. Do go on, Demetria.

"Here's the thing: I didn't have a good relationship with my dad. Not to get depressing or anything, but he was bipolar schizophrenic. Needless to say, I shouldn't have believed him when he said I was French and Italian. Probably shouldn't have believed him either when he said he was making a movie with Steven Spielberg. So, I took it upon myself."

So what is Demi after this research? "I'm Native American, predominantly Hispanic on that side — which I did know that — I'm Irish on my mom's side, but back on my dad, a little Portuguese, and a little Jewish. My ancestors got around."

To celebration this new information, here's hoping she's planning on a re-recording her latest hit as "Jew For The Summer." L'chaim!

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