When it comes to Halloween costumes, you've got your choice of scary (demon, zombie, any of a handful of Fox News analysts), topical (Hillary Clinton, a prodigal Zayn Malik, the Pacific Northwest's Cascadia fault line) or "punny." And while the latter usually proves to be most difficult to dream up, Demi Lovato has already done the necessary 2015 grunt work. TRICK OR TREAT.

During an interview with German radio station NRJ last month, the "Cool for the Summer" singer was asked to offer up her favorite "dish." While likely a reference to the synonymous "meal," Lovato quickly found herself traveling down Literal Lane and answered "mug" because "they’re very comfortable in your hand." The clip quickly became the internet's day-after laughingstock, but Demi insisted she was joking, and even posted an Instagram photo that found her swimming in ceramics as proof she was in on the humor.

(Seriously, though, did a CB2 flatbed overturn onto her leather love seat?)

So, the advantages of dressing like Demi this October 31: You'll likely get laughs, there'll be no dried blood to scrape off by night's end and, let's be frank—you can't go wrong with an outfit that features built-in drink-holders. You, sir or madam, will be the bartender's dream, and really, that's what Halloween is all about.

Above, PopCrush presents you with a step-by-step guide to dressing like Demi-avec-mug this autumn. Check it out, and if you really are adventurous enough to commit, share your finished product!

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