Over the weekend, tragedy struck Selena Gomez's family when her mother, Mandy, 35, suffered a miscarriage.

Gomez was excited to become a big sister and was so happy for her mother and stepfather, Brian Teefey -- but, this happiness quickly turned to sadness when Gomez caught word of the devastating news. Gomez canceled her weekend performances to be with her family, but this doesn't mean that her circle of celeb friends forgot about her.

After the news of the miscarriage went public, Gomez's longtime friend Demi Lovato tweeted at the singer. The 'Skyscraper' singer, who knows firsthand what it's like to struggle with personal crises in the public eye, tweeted the simple message "I love you" at Gomez.

If anyone can help Gomez overcome the grief that comes with a family tragedy such as this, it's Lovato. The singer, who first met Gomez on the set of 'Barney and Friends' when they were just tykes, has struggled with depression and seems to have made her way to the lighter end of the tunnel this past year. Lovato must know that sometimes, all you need is a good friend who loves you and cares about you to help you get past the rough patches.

However, Lovato isn't the only who has got Gomez's back during this difficult time. According to The Daily Mail, Gomez's boyfriend Justin Bieber visited Selena Gomez's mother in the hospital.

Although it hasn't been confirmed that she'll still appear, Gomez is scheduled to perform on MTV's New Year's Eve concert special. Since both she and Lovato are slated to perform, hopefully the girls can have some bonding time that night, since Bieber will be performing at a different show -- Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve -- in Times Square on Dec. 31.