If you had to choose between Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift for Hottest Star of 2013, who would you pick? Well, the time has come to choose, as we're collecting fan votes to crown the most sizzling star of 2013, and Demi and Taylor are going head-to-head in this Round 1 duel.

Throughout 2013, Demi Lovato has continued to promote a healthy body image amongst her fans, and the curvy 'Made in the USA' songstress even posts things like makeup-free pictures and bikini snapshots to help inspire people to love themselves in the skin they're in. On top of all that, Demi is just HOT. From her magnetizing smile to her ultra-cool style and beautiful facial structure, this young lady is quite the looker.

Then there's that statuesque beauty known as Taylor Swift! This super hot songstress, who is supermodel status at 5' 11", may be waiting for Mr. Right, but in the meantime, let's all take a look at how freakin' gorgeous she is! Her icy blue eyes, those pretty lips, her block locks, her ability to break necks on the red carpet, her immense amount of talent, her kind demeanor... Taylor Swift is just the epitome of hot.

So, who will vote for in this round? Choose Demi or Taylor below (you can vote up to once per hour) until the poll closes on Aug. 30, at 2PM ET. The winner of this battle will go on to face another competitor until we crown the Hottest Male and Female Stars of 2013!